Jon Pielak


About Me

Midwesterner. Proud dad. I’ve helped the CIA fight terrorists using design. I own a marketing agency. I spent a year in art school, left, and pursued a career in design on sheer will. I was raised around carpenters, upholsterers and well-designed furniture. I designed many of the police vehicles you see on the road today.

About the art

I’ve worked in various mediums – but I stumbled on mixed media – specifically using recycled printed materials – and found it incredibly therapeutic. My work is for me, but it’s time to share.

I do commission work, and have a few originals that are available. Contact me


I’m working on a nude. Subtle skin tones are complex with this format, they require deep and crisp shadows for definition. The elegance of the original image will transform into something more visceral.

Upcoming Commissions

EV w/ vehicle brochures

Retired athlete portrait w/ memorabilia, media + milestones

Loved one portrait w/ family photos