I help marketing executives build better agencies.


Your agency certainly does great work, but it isn’t growing like it could.


What you’re probably facing

IMC hurdles

Integrated Marketing Communications. As you add more services, it becomes increasingly difficult to tie them together. Different workflows, objectives and metrics means account teams are fighting for balance and harmony constantly.


Higher expectations
Tighter budgets

As clients continue the permanent trend of insourcing more, you find your agency becoming more commoditized. Retainers turn into projects. Rate cards are heavily scrutinized.



Increased staff turnover

As commoditzation of services increases, your staff get drained. The purpose and meaning of their work dissipates. Attempts at IMC lead to operational chaos, and personal growth suffers. Most often in mid market, talent goes insource or gig.

Adding digital

At the heart of IMC is usually Digital. Some agencies view Digital as a channel, others as a skill, and still others as a process. When agencies hire for digital, this vision is often muddled. Informed clarity around modern services and how they can best amplify your legacy services is critical.


Lack of sales drive

As younger generations move into positions of leadership, the realities of sales effectiveness start to settle in. Living in a digital + post-pandemic era, skills like relationship and consultative selling are eroding. With increased turnover, this becomes a bigger problem.


Thinner margins

With tighter budgets, you’d expect thinner margins. However this shouldn’t be the case. Learning to optimize workflows, roles, responsiblities and deliverables is key. Alongside operations, making some simple adjustments when estimating and scoping can go a long way.


What I do

Strategic Planning
Leadership Assessment
Due Diligence
Brand Strategy
Operations Strategy
Integrated Marketing Communications Planning

Sales Strategy 



Budgeting for strategic consultants is probably the last thing on your mind when you’re scrambling to make payroll.

Understand that this about helping you get over a hump and address/isolate key hurdles quickly and effectively, hopefully break you from any self-defeating routines. I’m not a team of management consultants looking to value-bill. I’m just someone who’s been through it that wants to help your business succeed.


We worked with Jon to architect a new innovation practice at Plante Moran. He collaborated with all key stakeholders, shaped the vision, strategy, plan and financial models to exacting detail. This was an invaluable experience for our organization. 

Dennis, Partner, Plante Moran


Jon was asked to re-build our sales organization at the agency. We had always used money as an incentive, which never seemed to work. Jon helped get the entire agency actually excited about sales. We hit our annual goal by end of H1, a first in twenty years of business. It was literally transformative.  

CEO, Airfoil