I help B2B executives build better brands.


Your business has an excellent reputation, but the market is evolving and you need to look the part.


What you’re probably facing

Market innovation is moving too fast to keep up.

Your competitors are smaller, younger, more nimble, and able to pivot with the market. A great example: EV will radically re-invent he supply chain. Some will adapt and survive, others not. Sometimes it’s as simple as convincing the market through brand that you’re ahead of the curve.


Your marketing resources know sales enablement, not brand.

Maybe your sales lead handles marketing, or someone at the front desk. Maybe your marketing team is struggling to see the forest through the trees. Or maybe, their budgets are so tight – rebrands are unimaginable. Whatever the case, an efficient re-tool of your brand could right the ship. 


Expansion and diversification has led to fragmentation.

Maybe headquarters is in a different market, or you’ve recently launched or acquired a new brand. There’s a myriad of scenarios that lead to brand fragmentation over time – but this can be re-aligned effectively, not only to clean up whats there, but more importantly to accomodate future growth.


Smaller competitors look bigger than you.

You’ve setup the booth at the trade show and are slowly seeing your competitors surround you with a more sophisticated presence that has left you looking outdated. Their websites and digital strategy seem to evoke a level of professionalism and engagement that you’re struggling to achieve yourself. 

What I do

Strategic Planning
Leadership Assessment
Due Diligence
Brand Strategy
Operations Strategy
Integrated Marketing Communications Planning

Sales Strategy 



It’s often difficult for marketing teams to admit they need leadership help, specifically with brand. They commonly hire agencies to do this work, and budgets explode while results often are muddied.

I help you essentally as a Fractional Brand Officer. I’m on your team, not an agency’s. I help you go much further with the brand than you’d normally be capable of, while leaving the more production-level work to your stable of resources if desired.


We worked with Jon to architect a new innovation practice at Plante Moran. He collaborated with all key stakeholders, shaped the vision, strategy, plan and financial models to exacting detail. This was an invaluable experience for our organization. 

Dennis, Partner, Plante Moran


Jon was asked to re-build our sales organization at the agency. We had always used money as an incentive, which never seemed to work. Jon helped get the entire agency actually excited about sales. We hit our annual goal by end of H1, a first in twenty years of business. It was literally transformative.  

CEO, Airfoil