I help B2B marketing leaders do more with less.


You’re moving the needle, but you get the sense that there’s a better way.


What you’re probably facing

Tight budgets

It’s a rite of passage for marketing leaders. Marketing budgets are always the first to get cut, so you learn to accept it after a while. But doing more with less is only a part of the story. Being able to articulate ROI through data and reporting is critical to your success.


Increased pressure from sales

With new channels opening up and the pressure to decrease CPAs and increase revenue, marketers often get the brunt of the blow. Delivering MQLs SQLs and the like are critical to your success, but when budgets and innovation are light – how do you get through it?


Outsourcing woes

The decision to either staff-up or outsource – you reach that crossroad with every initiative. Talent pools are shrinking. Boutique agencies are struggling to build continuity. Insourcing is becoming more commonplace, but is it the right path now? 

Lack of innovation

You’re in meeting after meeting, and seem to be going in circles. Moving the needle is becoming a herculean effort. What was once process and methodology has now become politics and routine. Hiring new minds will help temporarily, but you’re aware that the process will eventually consume. 

Conflict with product teams

Marketing wants buzz-worthy features. They coordinate complex campaigns that revolve around releases. Product teams have a separate culture entirely, focused on variables like compliance, scalability, security, CX, and of course quality. Marketability is the least of their worries.

Challenges articulating ROI

With value comes budget. How marketers use data and report performance is critical for their ability to succeed. It’s an opportunity to speak one language that everyone can get behind – revenue. Once complex hurdles like attribution are solved, this becomes much simpler. 

What I do

Strategic Planning
Leadership Assessment
Due Diligence
Brand Strategy
Operations Strategy
Integrated Marketing Communications Planning

Sales Strategy 



Paying for strategic consultants is probably the last thing on your mind when your marketing budget was just cut and you’re evaluating headcount as we speak. 

This is about helping you buck trends that put you in this position repeatedly. Coming from the agency side, I’m able to give you very strategic, direct assessments, observations and actionable plans that can get this on a different trajectory moving forward.


We worked with Jon to architect a new innovation practice at Plante Moran. He collaborated with all key stakeholders, shaped the vision, strategy, plan and financial models to exacting detail. This was an invaluable experience for our organization. 

Dennis, Partner, Plante Moran


Jon was asked to re-build our sales organization at the agency. We had always used money as an incentive, which never seemed to work. Jon helped get the entire agency actually excited about sales. We hit our annual goal by end of H1, a first in twenty years of business. It was literally transformative.  

CEO, Airfoil