I help you expand your agency in the US market.


You have US clients, but you see a bigger opportunity to scale faster.




Mid to Large US companies are investing in growing their digital and marketing capabilities in house. US based agencies are seeing a considerable increase in churn. You can take full advantage of this  by positioning yourself perfectly between agency and offshore.

Virtualization and remoting

With an increase in work from home models, the virtualization of teams – in particular marketing and digital – has become a norm in the US.  You can now elevate your position without necessarily being present. In situations like this, its your project, program and account management capabilities that need to shine.

The evolving political landscape and globalization

From war in Ukraine to the tidal shift of the EV space, a lot in the world is changing. Businesses that stay consistent throughout, possessing a POV and strong ethical stance, will get noticed. In other words, you aren’t coming to the US market simply for revenue, instead you’re a strong and innovative company coming to make this a better place.

What you’re probably facing

Cultural divide

Your talent is there, but how you approach the work and more importantly sales is uniquely different in the US market. Its nuances in different sectors and regions, how it ebbs and flows over time, and how to play to its strengths and weaknesses is critical to unlocking success.


Overcoming the offshore stigma

Offshoring, Nearshoring, whatever the category – US clients, especially those that are insourcing, are looking for cost effective resources.  The stronger agencies however don’t give in, and will instead build their value prop to better resonate with a US market. This takes time, strategy and a strong discipline.

An ineffective US presence

In most cases, agency SMEs (small to medium enterprises) will have a CEO or Founder relocate to the states to start growing a local presence. The competition is fierce, and you may find yourself under-bidding to succeed, thereby limiting your abilty to scale a US presence while inflating your offshore stigma.

Differentiation challenges

As you start to tackle the US market and face a flurry of competition, the realities begin to set in. You can see you need more integrated services that are more evolved, with consultants on staff that truly understand US consumer behavior. This may seem overwhelming at first, but can be tackled with the right plan in place.


Limited talent

This is particularly true in Latin America, where the strong talent is usually snapped up by large insourced US companies straight away. The broader talent pool however is generally behind their US counterparts on scales like innovation and digital. Most agencies focus on regional growth as a result.


Decreased self-value

This is the end-all issue. As you start facing US competition head on, it’s easy to  begin thinking that your agency is ‘lesser-than’ the rest. In reality nothing is further from the truth. The catch is that everyone is equally flawed, its just how you communicate and connect with the US market that makes the difference.


What I do

Strategic Planning
Leadership Assessment
Due Diligence
Brand Strategy
Operations Strategy
Integrated Marketing Communications Planning

Sales Strategy 



Facing inflation, and likely growth limitations, you’re probably not budgeting for consulting anytime soon. But you are no doubt considering whether or not to continue investing in your US presence.

I want to help make sure that investment is effective and gets you the best returns. There’s a number of little things that could be adjusted to help you set a foundation for success in the market. 


We worked with Jon to architect a new innovation practice at Plante Moran. He collaborated with all key stakeholders, shaped the vision, strategy, plan and financial models to exacting detail. This was an invaluable experience for our organization. 

Dennis, Partner, Plante Moran


Jon was asked to re-build our sales organization at the agency. We had always used money as an incentive, which never seemed to work. Jon helped get the entire agency actually excited about sales. We hit our annual goal by end of H1, a first in twenty years of business. It was literally transformative.  

CEO, Airfoil